By emma harding, Jan 31 2019 04:52PM

Please check out my new portfolio and work on the illustration page.

I have a newly developed branch of my portfolio: constructed illustrations using paper, pencils, and glue!

I'll be adding to it in the coming weeks and look forward to new and interesting commissions that need that extra dimension...

For now, my other art projects have gone into archive mode. Prints and mixed media work are for sale on Liberty Gallery website here: Liberty Gallery

By emma harding, Oct 30 2018 09:46PM

I am in love with the collected short stories of Vladimir Nabokov.

The Reunion is about two brothers, Lev and Serafim, who meet after ten years yet cannot address the real issue of their separation. They talk around the houses avoiding the fundamental divide; the extreme politics of their motherland and their very different allegiances.

At one point Serafim seems to allegorize their situation and missed opportunity perfectly: Before a magnetic field is formed... "There exists a so-called electric field. Its lines of force are situated in planes that pass through a so-called vibrator. Note that, according to Farraday's teachings, a magnetic line appears as a closed circle, while an electric one is always open."

Magnetic attraction. Electrically shorted.

By emma harding, Oct 9 2018 08:20AM

The Race of the Patient Motorcyclists

"In this race, it is not the swiftest who wins, but the slowest. At first it would seem easy to be the slowest of the motorcyclists, but it is not easy, because it is not in the temperament of a motorcyclist to be slow or patient."

Another of my illustrations for a short story by Lydia Davis. From the book: The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis.

By emma harding, Oct 5 2018 05:51AM

Lydia Davis is one of my favourite short story writers. The worlds she creates are so paradoxical; small yet expansive and always facing inwards in several directions. They have a certain shock value of being human in a strange and difficult to fathom existence. My sort of thing.

This illustration is one of several I'm working on. The story is called City Employment and captures a moment of bizarre clarity about what is happening. Like a lot of Lydia Davis short stories this one is perplexed by the madness of control, and how the city can seem isolating, yet in so few words manages to embody what it is to be absolutely sane.

These are new images for my portfolio.

Lydia Davis works I have read:

The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis - sheer genius, mesmeric story telling with eye splitting subtle humour.

The End of the Story - a novel - I believe this is her only novel. Hard to describe how good this book is because I have only read it once and it will need more readings, but it sort of folds in on itself at the end, like all along she has been showing you something very important and overlooked and there it is (I did say it was hard to describe). It is a deeply insightful and psychologically enlightened book. Not escapism... no Killing Eve action here but hugely powerful writing about attachment, love, folly.

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