small order photos are a series dedicated to kitchen and food waste. It takes place sink side in my kitchen.



By emma harding, Mar 5 2018 03:38PM

A while ago (roughly two years back) I came to the conclusion (a) I didn't much like my illustration anymore, (b) computers had ruined my natural working processes and melted my brain, and (c) through to (z) I wanted to enjoy creating and in some way or other be proud of every piece of work I put out there.

Back at the drawing board, I did exactly that. Drawing.

I fed in colour like it was new... obtained an electric pencil sharpener and a putty rubber, and things really got going.

I'm working with biros, colour pencils, and paper. Not overthinking -- the way illustrators like to -- and trying to make images that have a bit of a life; that work as illustration and stand alone images in their own right.

One such image, and part of a series I am creating as a set of print editions, is MsWombat (below).

I am halfway into creating the full portfolio -- posting new images here online on the Illustration page and my AOI portfolio.

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