By emma harding, May 3 2019 06:00PM

This is a recent illustration I did for The Big Issue. Absolutely wonderful to work for and a great magazine. Shared a sweet with the man who sold me my latest copy. See below. Illo, not sweet.

In other news I have finally opened a stack of letters that were piling up and managed to file them into the recyling and elsewhere.

@arrivingwheels is going great guns. Riles, in charge of social media, hasn't really done that but we are working and laughing a lot. Very important. When she puts the work up on Instagram I'm sure it will be a great hit among bodybuilders and internet marketing companies who are avidly following us. We have 15 followers... 14.

I am a writer, writing stuff. Writing a novel for which I have been awarded a Curtis Brown Creative Scholarship. It is a massive honour to be able to receive such amazing feedback and advice.

Once I have come out of shock, any day now, I'll be getting down to some serious writing. I cannot thank them enough.

By emma harding, Mar 21 2019 03:23PM

'The Searchers'... Looking for our sense of humour

New work, this one created for the Northern Illustration Prize, which is open to everyone including dodgy southern sorts like me.

Other news: I have a new project going on with another artist (known sometimes as Riles). She has no social media but has conceded to an Instagram, which with our combined creative skills have named, on a whim, @arrivingwheels

It is very special to work with Riles. Our work is wildly different, we are wildly different. We don't know what we're doing so parameters are moving, which is one of our requirements. Laughing a lot is another. It's been great fun so far. Perhaps I'll post some of what we do on here but check us out on IG or not.

P.S. Been trying to lose that Facebook button (below) as I'm no longer on it... if only I could cut it off with scissors.

By emma harding, Jan 31 2019 04:52PM

Please check out my new portfolio and work on the illustration page.

I have a newly developed branch of my portfolio: constructed illustrations using paper, pencils, and glue!

I'll be adding to it in the coming weeks and look forward to new and interesting commissions that need that extra dimension...

For now, my other art projects have gone into archive mode. Prints and mixed media work are for sale on Liberty Gallery website here: Liberty Gallery

By emma harding, Oct 30 2018 09:46PM

I am in love with the collected short stories of Vladimir Nabokov.

The Reunion is about two brothers, Lev and Serafim, who meet after ten years yet cannot address the real issue of their separation. They talk around the houses avoiding the fundamental divide; the extreme politics of their motherland and their very different allegiances.

At one point Serafim seems to allegorize their situation and missed opportunity perfectly: Before a magnetic field is formed... "There exists a so-called electric field. Its lines of force are situated in planes that pass through a so-called vibrator. Note that, according to Farraday's teachings, a magnetic line appears as a closed circle, while an electric one is always open."

Magnetic attraction. Electrically shorted.

By emma harding, Oct 9 2018 08:20AM

The Race of the Patient Motorcyclists

"In this race, it is not the swiftest who wins, but the slowest. At first it would seem easy to be the slowest of the motorcyclists, but it is not easy, because it is not in the temperament of a motorcyclist to be slow or patient."

Another of my illustrations for a short story by Lydia Davis. From the book: The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis.

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