By emma harding, Mar 21 2019 03:23PM

'The Searchers'... Looking for our sense of humour

New work, this one created for the Northern Illustration Prize, which is open to everyone including dodgy southern sorts like me.

Other news: I have a new project going on with another artist (known sometimes as Riles). She has no social media but has conceded to an Instagram, which with our combined creative skills have named, on a whim, @arrivingwheels

It is very special to work with Riles. Our work is wildly different, we are wildly different. We don't know what we're doing so parameters are moving, which is one of our requirements. Laughing a lot is another. It's been great fun so far. Perhaps I'll post some of what we do on here but check us out on IG or not.

P.S. Been trying to lose that Facebook button (below) as I'm no longer on it... if only I could cut it off with scissors.

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