By emma harding, May 3 2019 06:00PM

This is a recent illustration I did for The Big Issue. Absolutely wonderful to work for and a great magazine. Shared a sweet with the man who sold me my latest copy. See below. Illo, not sweet.

In other news I have finally opened a stack of letters that were piling up and managed to file them into the recyling and elsewhere.

@arrivingwheels is going great guns. Riles, in charge of social media, hasn't really done that but we are working and laughing a lot. Very important. When she puts the work up on Instagram I'm sure it will be a great hit among bodybuilders and internet marketing companies who are avidly following us. We have 15 followers... 14.

I am a writer, writing stuff. Writing a novel for which I have been awarded a Curtis Brown Creative Scholarship. It is a massive honour to be able to receive such amazing feedback and advice.

Once I have come out of shock, any day now, I'll be getting down to some serious writing. I cannot thank them enough.


I should say a bit more about the Curtis Brown HW Fisher Scholarship... because I am so proud and honoured to be awarded this amazing opportunity to develop my novel 'When I Love You I Am Sick'

- offbeat and emotional nonconformist, it is the story of Ingrid falling in love... (an' all that)

The award means so much. I do feel lucky because I almost didn't apply (I didn't think I stood a chance) but with ten minutes to spare I pressed send. Luckily.

Now the course is drawing to a close I can honestly say it has been an intense process with everything building towards huge amounts of work, yet to be done!

There have been so many highlights with our brilliant tutor Charlotte Mendelson, and fantastic visting speakers, as well as sharing work with a great bunch of fellow writers... but a very fun one did involve drink. A bubbly alcoholic reception with HW Fisher, supporters of the scholarship fund, which was a great opportunity to thank them in person and meet many interesting people (this is how great writers are: lucid wine conversations about genetics, what it's like to be Will Self's wife -- neither of us conversing had experience of this -- and a five second time travelling conversation with Kiare Ladner, a most brilliant writer. All perfectly memorable). I also talked accounting with Barry (must add, poor Barry. My experience with all forms of money is very limited. He was very patient).

Quite forgettable would be the photograph of me with the very nice gentlemen Barry and Andrew from HW Fisher. Honestly, I am much taller than 3'2", that top I'm wearing does not look like a nightie in real life, and my neck does at times relax and appear to be made of normal unpleated skin (not that being short is in any way bad) I'm now sounding vain and cranky... but I am also not 100 years old. One minute I was going for demure the next I was laughing at something funny and click. I am obviously vain and cranky. Those books behind us are all first editions, look at them.

As a treat I have bought myself a new pen. And I have added a photo of what goes on inside one of my drawers.

Emma x

(I have an illness called Neverending Edit)

By emma harding, Oct 9 2018 08:20AM

The Race of the Patient Motorcyclists

"In this race, it is not the swiftest who wins, but the slowest. At first it would seem easy to be the slowest of the motorcyclists, but it is not easy, because it is not in the temperament of a motorcyclist to be slow or patient."

Another of my illustrations for a short story by Lydia Davis. From the book: The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis.

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