By emma harding, May 3 2019 06:00PM

This is a recent illustration I did for The Big Issue. Absolutely wonderful to work for and a great magazine. Shared a sweet with the man who sold me my latest copy. See below. Illo, not sweet.

In other news I have finally opened a stack of letters that were piling up and managed to file them into the recyling and elsewhere.

@arrivingwheels is going great guns. Riles, in charge of social media, hasn't really done that but we are working and laughing a lot. Very important. When she puts the work up on Instagram I'm sure it will be a great hit among bodybuilders and internet marketing companies who are avidly following us. We have 15 followers... 14.

I am a writer, writing stuff. Writing a novel for which I have been awarded a Curtis Brown Creative Scholarship. It is a massive honour to be able to receive such amazing feedback and advice.

Once I have come out of shock, any day now, I'll be getting down to some serious writing. I cannot thank them enough.

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