Copyright Emma Harding 2017

Copyright Emma Harding 2017

Mountains have roots.


Knowledge that they are rooted deep beyond what is visible to the eye is always somehow present in their formation.








The Mountain Project


Each piece is a numbered original

(original artwork made in direct sequence and of the same subject)



These works are inspired by areas of design as well as outside of art. Layering, freehand geometry, and typographical influences from poster design have certainly inspired the visual communication aspect but it is music that inspires me daily.


Returning to a subject, in this case a particular view of a mountain range, borrows from the concept of performing a composition in a repeat scenario but with freshness (though performance, in this case, is out of the equation i.e. I do not have an audience, only viewers, nor do I have fellow players). The inspiration is linked more to improvising jazz musicians who are able to intuit in the moment, within a composed tune, and achieve sophisticated coherence - many times.


My aim is always to work intuitively but not fall into chaos.


In her books, Marion Woodman uses the analogy of unknowable wisdom: 'It is the nonrational, non repeatable and nonconsistent. It belongs to the here and now, the immediate moment.' 


I've heard jazz musicians talk about improvising in life, and in conversation, as well as in music. Woodman is speaking about psyche, the relationship between conscious and unconscious, and brings together interesting sources to help explain the realm of unknowable wisdom. She uses this quote: 'William Blake describes it as the moment in each day that Satan cannot find, as short as the pulsation of an artery.'


All of this is a fancy way of saying: each time I sit down to approach drawing a mountain (whether 100 or 50 times) I am going to arrange the elements, and whatever arises from within the moment, as I see fit. But when it is finished, it will be still be the same mountain.

compareMount FreehandGeometry_copyrightEmmaHarding2017 complication DSCN0240 EHarding_twinPeak_3 EHarding_TwinPeak3 EHarding_twinpeak_4 NotesOnDrawing_EHarding2017 two mountains

Copyright Emma Harding 2017

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Strength and energy in their stillness is a surrender point for me.


In attempting to depict character that is individual yet chaotic to interpret the returning challenge is always: is this drawing alive?