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    The other side.

  • April

    Decided on my birthday last month to pick up a message from the floor. This turned up on Tower Bridge steps.

  • February

    Hello. I'm not sure drawing and writing really qualify as news. Daily grind in the face of an ever waning financial climate maybe, but actual news - it's debatable. So 'news' is, I have completed another draft of a novel manuscript and have been drawing quite a lot. I'll call it draft #2 (short for 102). Writing is laborious, that's all there is to it, apart from the endless seam of emotional contrition. Drawing is the same but without the guilt.

    Other 'news' (even less so). A screenwriter friend invited me to the Caryl Churchill play, "Escaped Alone." The performaces of the four women actors were amazing and truly a joy to watch, but neither of us liked it. I know my saying this won't have any bearing whatsoever on box office takings because the 1-5 people who read this are probably off doing something interesting, & the theatre was packed.

    The dialogue stuttered along and only added to the difficulty of engagement with these converging stories and the rage that related to apocalypse, real and symbolic, was detached. If that was the meaning construed within, then it was a failed exercise in theory of detachment. Detachment is psychological, surely the point would be to unearth the buried attachment (that has caused the sodding apocalypse) in a way that might shed light on the reasons for detachment?

    It didn't do that thing that can happen in live performance, when a feeling is so powerful that it jumps across what is real and created and a bolt of electricity snaps through the room. I had hoped for that, I really had, but all I got was that people don't or can't listen to each other, women especially, and worse that everyone is unaware. Everyone.

    I don't think such doom has any meaning. It is a truth, but one without the reality of wisdom, which is also a truth. It's a tiny bit disturbing to me that this play has been getting such rave reviews (unless I've msised the less positive ones... quite possibly, I've never had my finger on the populist pulse). What do I know! The audience loved it (they were laughing in the strangest places though... audiences... now there's an interesting subject).

    I don't know when the next un 'news' letter will be. If something happens; a biro works without spitting, or I manage a half decent sentence within the tenth rewrite, I might do a post. But for now it's back to boulder pushing (a phrase I've stolen from Doris Lessing's "The Golden Notebook"... now there's an in-depth creation on detachment and its opposite).

    May all our 1-5 chins be kept up in the face of doom. At least rave reviews are something I do not have to worry about. x Emma.

  • November

    Participation Mystique

    A term derived from the anthropologist Lévy-Bruhl, demoting a primitive, psychological connection with objects, or between persons, resulting in a strong unconscious bond.

  • October

    To all interested parties: Hello, I sincerely hope you are well - all five of you.

    Next year's exhibition is now confirmed and I'm very happy to have my friend Robert Clarke onboard. Rob is a printmaker who studied at the RCA and works primarily with photographic images.

    My own work is still laboriously slow: I'm purposely simplifying with biro pens and big paper, and I'm drawing from life and imagination using a combination of found objects. Needless to say I enjoy the large scale of paper and small tip of pen; all good challenge.

    Bye for now. Warmest wishes. E

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  • May - Not News

    The hint is in the title, not much news, but art can be slow and I'm in a very slow period right now. Mostly, it involves drawing on a large scale with a fine ball point. I am working toward - or at least in the vague direction of - an exhibition, details yet to be finalized.

    Other than that, still picking bits and pieces up off the floor. Wasting time doing this..


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